Butterfly Beach


January 18. My friends, Grace, Bella, and I were driving around aimlessly and couldn’t figure out what to do. After about a half an hour of driving I turn around and say “Do you guys want to go jump in the water at butterfly beach?” They both looked at me like I was crazy because it was freezing outside, it was raining, and it was the middle of the winter. Finally after a few second Bella looks at me and says “YES!” Then we both looked at grace waiting for her answer. Finally it was unanimous, we were going to jump in.

We all went and got bathing suits and threw on sweatshirt. Off to the beach! We get there and after we park we all sat there thinking about how cold it was going to be. Finally Bella says “Well what are we waiting for?” Grace replies “I don’t know lets just go.”

We all jump out of the car and run down to the beach. Its raining and I was already shivering. I kinda stood back and hesitated but Bella and Grace both grabbed my hands and we all ran into together. I ran and jumped under the first wave and my body was numb. After being in the water for a few minutes Grace, Bella, and I were floating around. Then we ready to go get in a hot tub… ASAP!

But first, PICTURES!!! We didn’t spend to much time taking pictures because it started to rain again. So we ran to my car and turned the car on as fast I could and then the heater. All of us were shivering and wrapped in our towels overly excited about the heater. After warming up we all went to my moms to jump in the hot tub.Right when we got to my house I jumped in the hot tub and it felt like pins and needles poking me everywhere because I was still cold. Bella, Grace and I all sat in the hot tub for a little bit and then we went inside and told my mom about our little adventure. My mom thought we were crazy and we agreed.


It was fun but I ended up getting sick which wasn’t so fun. If you have time you should go run into the ocean some friends!


Santa Rosa

IMG_1243 Since I can remember a big part of my summer vacation has been going to Santa Barbara Chanel Islands with my dad, brother and some friends. It always started the same way: Pack up, go down to the harbor, fall asleep, be at the islands. All of us would go to sleep and around 4:30 you would hear the boat engine roar, it would always wake me up but my brother would sleep through it. My dad always wanted to leave early so me and my brother and who ever else was there would sleep for most of the crossing. His main reason for that was because when me and my brother were younger all we did was fight and cause problems when my dad needed to focus… but what siblings don’t do that? I could sometimes fall asleep after the engine turned on but most of the time I couldn’t. After just laying there awake I would grab a blanket and a pillow and go sit in the cockpit with my dad. It was always still dark and freezing but it was a great time for me and my dad to talk about things and bond. We would play games and watch the orange of the sun slowly start to rise. Generally at about that time I would fall back asleep and of course my dad wIMG_1309ould stay awake. Then another exciting sound always came that would wake me up for the second time: THE ANCHOR!

Everyone knew what that meant. Bathing suits on and time to jump in. Of course me and my brother were always well rested and full of energy when we arrived but my dad on the other hand… not so much. Arriving for me and billy meant swimming, arriving for my dad meant sleep. So me and my brother would get all ready to swim but when we were younger we didn’t like getting in without our dad so we would sit and wait impatiently and pester my dad till finally he got annoyed enough to jump in with us. However, as we got older that changed and we got in by ourselves and let him take a nap.

Day one complete!

IMG_1261              IMG_1242




Exploring Lizards Mouth

Getting my license has given me the opportunity to explore parts of Santa Barbara that I haven’t seen before. This weekend I drove up to Lizards Mouth with some friends and a camera, ready for a new and exciting experience. With the music loud, windows down, and sunset approaching, our journey was if not more than just as special as the destination. IMG_0041.jpgEarlier that day we had been bored, staring mindlessly at a computer screen, watching one too many episodes of that new show on Netflix. We decided that we had to do something, go somewhere, so an adventure to Lizards Mouth was what we decided on. Everything was so beautiful. The setting sun created pink skies and mountain silhouettes that were amazing to look at. Instead of going straight to Lizards Mouth we stopped at different places along the way, exploring small trails and hidden treasures. We pulled over at, what I think are water tanks, covered with really cool art. It was so awesome to be able to find these random pieces of art up in the mountains. I wonder how long they have been up there, and I wonder who took the time to paint them. IMG_0073.jpgFinally we reached the top of Lizards Mouth, and the lighting was perfect. We quietly sat on the rocks staring over Santa Barbara. It is crazy how small everything looks from up there, but how big everything feels from down here. Being up there puts a lot in perspective. Being in the mountains is such a special thing, and I now think that everybody needs to do it more. There is no way to feel sad when you are surrounded by friends and nature on the top of a mountain.IMG_0062IMG_0074After being up there for a while, and after it was beginning to get dark, we decided to head back down the mountain. Before going home we realized there was one thing missing, the classic and always delicious In N’ Out burger. So we sat down at a booth and enjoyed a good burger and an even better milkshake. It was a perfect end to a perfect day.