Castillo Ranch

Me, my brother, my mom and my friend all went up to my mom’s boyfriends house to get away from Santa Barbara but not to far away. We drove up around 12 and when we got there we had to do a few chores but then we could do whatever we wanted.

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When we first go there we had to feed the two dogs (Casey and Gunner), the cat (Pounce), and the two horses (Rocky and Hershey). After that we wanted to drive around the ranch. There was a small problem though, the Mule didn’t have any gas so we drove into town to get some. The ranch is by Los Alamos and the town is very small compared to Santa Barbara. After getting gas we drove through part of the town and got a late lunch at Charlie’s. Charlie’s is a small diner-ish spot but it is super delicious. Once we were finished we made our way back.

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The Mule was full and it was time to adventure. My friend drove around and we went all over the ranch which took a few hours because the ranch is pretty big. We drove to the top of a hill that overlooked the house and it was gorgeous.

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As we were driving we saw the two super cross tracks that are on the ranch and the red bull track. Then we drove by all the cows which scared me because cows are big and the ones on the ranch aren’t scared of people so they won’t move. They are really nice because they are used to people bringing them food so that’s the only reason they stand there and stare at you, but still its scary. Finally we had driven all around and the sun was starting to set so we started making our way back to the house.

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My mom asked us what we wanted to do for dinner but none of us knew so we all looked at her until she started giving us ideas. She said about ten different places and then it was decided, Dos Carlitos. It was about a twenty minute drive and then a late dinner. Then back to the ranch, by the time we got home is was nine and we were all really tired so we all jumped into bed and fell asleep pretty fast.


One thought on “Castillo Ranch

  1. The view..makes me a little jealous. lol. Hope I could get a break from work and be able to spend time in a relaxing place like this. What a breather. Nice post! 🙂


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