Butterfly Beach


January 18. My friends, Grace, Bella, and I were driving around aimlessly and couldn’t figure out what to do. After about a half an hour of driving I turn around and say “Do you guys want to go jump in the water at butterfly beach?” They both looked at me like I was crazy because it was freezing outside, it was raining, and it was the middle of the winter. Finally after a few second Bella looks at me and says “YES!” Then we both looked at grace waiting for her answer. Finally it was unanimous, we were going to jump in.

We all went and got bathing suits and threw on sweatshirt. Off to the beach! We get there and after we park we all sat there thinking about how cold it was going to be. Finally Bella says “Well what are we waiting for?” Grace replies “I don’t know lets just go.”

We all jump out of the car and run down to the beach. Its raining and I was already shivering. I kinda stood back and hesitated but Bella and Grace both grabbed my hands and we all ran into together. I ran and jumped under the first wave and my body was numb. After being in the water for a few minutes Grace, Bella, and I were floating around. Then we ready to go get in a hot tub… ASAP!

But first, PICTURES!!! We didn’t spend to much time taking pictures because it started to rain again. So we ran to my car and turned the car on as fast I could and then the heater. All of us were shivering and wrapped in our towels overly excited about the heater. After warming up we all went to my moms to jump in the hot tub.Right when we got to my house I jumped in the hot tub and it felt like pins and needles poking me everywhere because I was still cold. Bella, Grace and I all sat in the hot tub for a little bit and then we went inside and told my mom about our little adventure. My mom thought we were crazy and we agreed.


It was fun but I ended up getting sick which wasn’t so fun. If you have time you should go run into the ocean some friends!