Sick Day!

Today I realized it was Friday and time for my weekly blog post but then I realized that there was one ity bity problem… I had done nothing this week that was interesting and I definitely wasn’t doing anything today that was productive or interesting. So instead I am writing about my day off school, laying in bed trying hoping I wouldn’t be sick all weekend.


I woke up and started to get ready for school even though I felt kind of sick and then my mom saw me and asked if I wanted to stay in bed for the day and rest and that meant a day off school so I said “okay” and got my pajamas back on and jumped into bed as fast as I could. Of course, like everyone who stays in bed for a day, I watched One Tree Hill on netflix while going in and out of naps.


I forgot about the lunch I had with my aunt, Andrea, and my cousin, Bella. As much as I wanted to stay in bed I had to get up and go to lunch for just an hour. I asked my  mom if I didn’t have to go but she told me that it would be good for me to get up and get some fresh air for a little bit. So I threw on some comfy clothes and dragged myself to the car and then to lunch.

Well I hate to admit it but my mom was right. Lunch was fun and it felt good to get out of bed for a little bit. We all went to the Shop and it was delicious! I got the brutus salad, I hadn’t been to the Shop to eat lunch for a while so I forgot how good it was. After lunch, I dropped my cousin off at school and I got back into bed and slept for the rest of the day.


So yea, being sick is very far from   fun but it happens.