Avalon, Catalina.


Across the channel there is an island called Catalina. There is a cute, small town called Avalon that my family and I visit every summer for about a week.

It is a very touristy place. Fairies are always coming and going and there are a bunch of tourist activities. There is zip lining, submarines, parasailing, diving, ghost tours, golf cart tours, mini golfing and so much more. My family’s favorite things to do are zip line, mini golf, and of course we always go on a golf cart tour. However, the golf cart torus we go on every year so they are kinda boring now but we still do it because it is somewhat a tradition.


Along with all the tourist activities we do while we are there we also spend a lot of time on the boat tanning and swimming around. I usually tan until I get super hot and then jump in and swim around for a few minutes and that get back out to tan.


In Catalina we usually eat breakfast and lunch on the boat and then go into town for dinner. There is only a few restaurants there but we go to the same ones pretty much every time. The parents have usually had a few drinks and are pretty amusing to watch when we go out.

One time my dad and uncle were just “buzzed” and we went to get dinner and they were talking extremely loud so me, my cousin Bella, and my best friend Emma were laughing so hard and could barley breath. We were mostly laughing out of embarrassment.

After dinner it is back to the boat and time for a movie and then to bed. Usually it takes a while to chose a movie but we always end up picking Star Wars, I have no idea why. The best part is we always start it from the beginning and fall asleep in 45 minutes so I basically have the first 45 minutes of the movie memorized.

Overall going to Catalina is super fun and if you have time I highly recommend getting a ticket for a fairy and going to visit for a while.



Painted Cave

Painted Cave. Terrifying.


My two friends Sofia and Maia went with me, my dad, and Ingo into painted cave. It was an interesting adventure to say the least. My friend Sofia and I are one hundred percent horrified of seals, when we see seals we freak out. So my dad takes all of us into painted cave in the skiff that he has. Right as you enter you can hear all the seals that are in the cave and so me and Sofia curled up into the smallest balls we could and sat on the floor. As you go deeper into the cave it gets darker, smaller, and the seals get louder. At one point me and Sofia were begging to go back to the boat but no. Everyone else thought it was so amusing to watch us freak out. So after continually screaming and freaking out for about ten minutes we finally got my dad to turn around.

Me and Sofia were relieved and my friend Maia thought it was hilarious to watch us. As we are heading out of Painted Cave I thought about how scary it would be to swim out so I said “Do you think anyone would ever swim out of here?”


My dad’s friend Ingo looked at me and said “Can you hold my drink for a second?” So I grabbed his cup and suddenly: SPLASH! Ummmm? He had just jumped into the water with all the seals and laughed and started swimming out towards the boat. I looked at my dad and then Sofia and then Maia completely shocked at what I had just seen. I thought only a crazy person would do that because that is terrifying.

All I knew was I was staying the skiff and there was absolutely no way that I was going to even put a finger in the water. So after what seemed like forever we were finally about three quarters of the way out of the cave and my dad turned off the engine. I turned around quickly and he told me that the engine failed so we were stuck. Then he started to giggle and said he was kidding. It was not funny.


Moral of the story is there are to many seals in Painted Cave and it was not enjoyable for me and my friend Sofia and neither of us are going back in it anytime soon.

Santa Rosa

IMG_1243 Since I can remember a big part of my summer vacation has been going to Santa Barbara Chanel Islands with my dad, brother and some friends. It always started the same way: Pack up, go down to the harbor, fall asleep, be at the islands. All of us would go to sleep and around 4:30 you would hear the boat engine roar, it would always wake me up but my brother would sleep through it. My dad always wanted to leave early so me and my brother and who ever else was there would sleep for most of the crossing. His main reason for that was because when me and my brother were younger all we did was fight and cause problems when my dad needed to focus… but what siblings don’t do that? I could sometimes fall asleep after the engine turned on but most of the time I couldn’t. After just laying there awake I would grab a blanket and a pillow and go sit in the cockpit with my dad. It was always still dark and freezing but it was a great time for me and my dad to talk about things and bond. We would play games and watch the orange of the sun slowly start to rise. Generally at about that time I would fall back asleep and of course my dad wIMG_1309ould stay awake. Then another exciting sound always came that would wake me up for the second time: THE ANCHOR!

Everyone knew what that meant. Bathing suits on and time to jump in. Of course me and my brother were always well rested and full of energy when we arrived but my dad on the other hand… not so much. Arriving for me and billy meant swimming, arriving for my dad meant sleep. So me and my brother would get all ready to swim but when we were younger we didn’t like getting in without our dad so we would sit and wait impatiently and pester my dad till finally he got annoyed enough to jump in with us. However, as we got older that changed and we got in by ourselves and let him take a nap.

Day one complete!

IMG_1261              IMG_1242