West Camino Cielo

Yesterday my dad, brother, FatG, and I all went on an adventure in my dad’s jeep. It is a 1986 jeep. We drove up around 4 and got home at 7 ish. After school we all met at my dad’s house and packed up some snacks and then we were off! 

 PSA: Driving in the jeep is the equivalent to driving through a wind tunnel so my hair turned into a huge not.

Anyways during the drive up the pass we were listening to music and it was windy but it was still hot out so we weren’t that cold. Then we turned left onto West Camino Cielo we drove all the way past the water tower and hit a dirt road. Then it was time for off roading!! 

 My dad drove for a while and took us up and down some pretty steep hills which was scary for me but all the guys were having a bunch of fun. The road we were on went all the way to Refugio Beach so we drove along it FOREVER. After a while my dad let my brother and FatG drive, I didn’t want to (but I recommend trying it sometime because I have and it’s super fun). 

 We finally hit another paved road after a few hours which was soooo nice. Then my brother asked if we could go look at Refugio Beach so we made a little pit stop there. Btw Refugio Beach is a beautiful place to camp so you should go check it out sometime.

After that we jumped on the freeway and headed home. I couldn’t tell you the rest of the drive home because I fell asleep on my friends lap during the drive home. 

 But I can tell you that when we got home we were all covered in dirt and ready to shower ASAP. Plus I was tired and ready to go to sleep!! 


Sunsets and Hammocks

Yes this week is another sunset post! But this time it’s at butterfly. I din’t do much this week and this was the only thing I had to write about. Anyways, I was at my house and had just finished homework when my friends Bella and Grace texted me asking if I wanted to watch the sunset. So I went to meet them at butterfly wall. Our friends Nico and FatG (Carlos) came to meet us too because they were at home bored. 

 When FatG and Nico got there started to set up these two hammocks that they brought. It took them forever!! We kept telling them that by the time they set them up and got comfortable, but they didn’t listen. Bella, Grace, and I just sat on the wall and watched the sunset while dumb and dumber were struggling behind us. The sunset was super pretty but it was really cold but we didn’t mind. The sun started to slowly set while our friends were slowly setting up the hammocks. We all had fun watching them set it up because it was pretty funny how much they were struggling. After a while they figured it out though. Finally they got settled in their hammocks which also took a while because Nico had to stand on FatG to get into his. They didn’t really think anything out that well. 

 Bella, Grace, and I were just laughing the whole time and taking videos and trying to watch the sunset. We all watched the last few minutes of the sunset in peace and then we heard Nico say “We basically missed the sunset” which we had already told him was going to happen. Then when it got dark we took the hammocks down, they were up for about fifteen minutes so I really don’t understand why they wasted time setting them up, and headed home. 

 Overall it wasn’t the best sunset but I was all my close friends so we made the best of it! You should go watch a sunset with your friends soon 🙂